ActiPix™ D200 Large Area Imager

Optical Taper Technology allows the D200 Detector increased detection area. Ideally suited to Lab on a Chip and large flow cell Applications.

Detector highlights include:

Detector highlights include:
  • Detection area > 25mm per side (2048 x 2048 5.5 m pixels with 2.5:1 magnification)
  • L shape design and external bracing structure allows easy access for samples, fluidics and
  • connections
  • High speed and resolution imaging at 40 fps
  • 180-800 nm working range via LED and Xenon flash lamp
  • Locating points compatible with metric optical bench standards
  • Chemically protective and light absorbing specialist coating
  • Flexible software that allows multiple signal and reference zones of user chosen dimensions

Specifications (application dependent)

>4 orders of magnitude Linear Range 

(2 M Tryptophan to 200 mM)

Stray Light Level: better than 2%

Drift < 1m AU/h at 25C temperature controlled

Exemplar Noise:

Water filled capillary: RMS Noise 6 AU

(TSP100375 100 Hz 1 second data smoothing at 280 nm via LED)

ActiPix™ D200 Product Highlight

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