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The following documents are demonstrations of real time applications using this product. You must register to download these.

  • ActiPix™ D200 Platform Product Note Full (pdf, 399kb)

    2 sided overview of the D200 Platform

  • ActiPix™ D200 Detector Product Note (pdf, 236kb)

    Single sided description of the D200 detector module

  • ActiPix™ D200 Light Box Product Note (pdf, 199kb)

    Single sided description of the D200 light box module

  • ActiPix™ D200 Control Hub Product Note (pdf, 203kb)

    Single sided description of the D200 control hub module

  • UV Imaging poster HPLC2015 (pdf, 479kb)

    Imaging UV detection across 100 micron i.d. nanoLC capillary columns with single-particle frits & chromatography of intact proteins show Narrow bands immediately post-column: best signal only within first 1 mm Distance dependence readily visualised and quantified Advantage of sensitivity increase with new generation D200 detector & high frame rate Sensitivity: < 10 fmol for proteins Highly compatible with compact nanoflow pump / injector Advantage in working with high performance nano columns: no column − transfer line − detector connectors! Excellent potential for nanoLC of proteins, & rapid method development for bioseparations

  • ActiPix™ Publications 02.03.15 (pdf, 213kb)

    Publications using the ActiPix™ D100 to date 02.03.15

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